Friday, September 02, 2005

Smart Pet

I have been watching a lot of news this week with my Mamas. I see the devastation that the hurricane brought and I even understand why the Mamas take turns yelling when the Chimp-Faced man is on TV. Everyone talks about the loss of human life but few mention the pets and other animals that have been left behind, or who have died. No one mentions that those being bussed out of the city were forced to leave their pets behind. I don't think Tall Mama could survive if I wasn't there to make her life easier. She depends on me too much.

Tall Mama told me she is making a donation to PetSmart in all of us cats' names. Tall Mama says she is blessed to be here with Short Mama and her "boys". I guess I won't cough up a hairball in their bed tonight.