Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A New Day

I sometimes wonder just what the hell it is about human beings that makes them so stupid. I mean really, you never see a cat following another cat's lead unless you know that there is a bowl filled with tuna at the end of the journey. And even then, you stick around just long enough to get your fill, then it's off to lick yourself and take a nap.

Human drama, especially the on-line variety, is the most confusing. I could not understand why the tall mama was pounding on keyboard yesterday as she defended herself to two individuals she thought were friends. Humans are just dumb. Fight over someone biting you in the balls, but don't waste time arguing over perceived injustices that were actually innocent actions. What a waste of good nap time.

So it looks like The Mamas will be staying at the big house during spring break and not driving to Canada to visit with the other cats' owners. Between you and me, I am glad. No one cleans the cat box like the short one does. And the tall one always gives me cheese.